I tutor Series 7 licencing, with a specialty in test taking strategy and options education.

I tutor college level economics from advanced, calculus based senior level classes to the entry level AP Economics exam.

Customer reviews:

"At the beginning of economics, I thought the class was going to be a breeze and that it would be an easy A. After sitting through a few days of lectures I immediately felt behind and was unable to keep up. My mom mentioned getting a tutor and I am so thankful we were able to find John. I have had my fair share of tutors over the years but I can honestly say that John was the BEST. With his help, I went from sliding into my seat everytime a question was asked in class to raising my hand and answering questions without any problem or hesitation. He was always willing to go over a topic as many times as needed until you understood and never belittled you if you did not understand something. He would often incorporate my interests into examples to make economics more engaging.

I am positive that I would not have passed Econ or my AP tests without John. He is a wonderful tutor who I have recommended to all of my younger classmates. "